The Quickest Way to Lose Weight and Moobs

The Quickest Way to Lose Weight and Moobs

Article by Brian Louden

” One Question Every Man Boob Sufferer Dreads…

Can You Take Your Shirt Off Please?”

YOU’RE NOT ALONE! My Doc flatly refuses to take my BP…with my overcoat on. So I have to cringe behind a screen before permitting a brief glance at my ugly chest fat. The nurse takes on an expression of revulsion. I can read her thoughts.She is unaware of the time and money I have spent in finding the quickest way to lose weight.

I’ve tried all those expensive bucket loads of creams, pills and OLD rehashed advice…that makes them rich and never works. The only change is a skin rash developing and another unwanted “Get Your Shirt Off” trip to the Docs

The Fridge Freezer Method left me with sore hard nipples, but everything else was unchanged. It is banned in some countries due to some side effects, hypothermia and cardiac arrest.

Give me 5 minutes and I’ll show the quickest way to lose weight and strut your stuff with the pec guys. You will get a notion to get some lotion and head off to the ocean. Friends will comment that you look in great shape with your shirt off, whilst they shiver under their anoraks.

The condition destroyed my self-esteem, whenever I was around people, especially when I had to take my shirt off. Heck, I even gave up on activities like swimming, strip poker and cliff diving, because I felt so ashamed. I gave up on competitive cliff diving because the judges could not bear to watch. And I always had the lowest score. ZERO. Summer was obviously my least favourite season… no beach babes giving me furtive glances.just sniggering amongst themselves.

Friends and family would laugh behind my back and ridicule my 46 FF chest… I couldn’t really blame them though, because I would just laugh it off and they never knew it was really chewing me up inside. If only I could undergo a transplant operation with a flat chested girl or drive along a gastric bypass or hear a gastric band play.

I detested it, because it seemed like nobody could or would tell me the quickest way to lose weight,even though most looked about average weight. However, there are millions of victims world wide, desperately hoping the “hot spell” will come to an end It felt like I was cursed. Aren’t we due another “Ice Age” with all this global warming? I could not seem to get rid of that chest mound of fat, no matter what I did!

Every weight loss routine just accentuated the problem, running made it worse. Stationary car drivers would see me in their rear view mirror…and wonder where I had disappeared to, as i sprinted past at walking paceEver seen a fat guy look like he is enjoying running…thought so, me neither.

” Nothing Seemed To Work for Me…Until Now!”It was a very frustrating experience for most of my adult life because my doctor had told me that I’d lose them after puberty. Looking back he must have meant either “Grandparents or “Hair Follicles”. Yes… Hair receding chest reaching gargantuan proportions.. I’ve got the lot going on here. Fast forward 16 years later and nothing had changed. Tesco used to deliver my deodorants to my home address. I lost one once and it fell from under my chest two weeks later.

As a matter of fact, my self-esteem only got worse over time…

People would make remarks like “Why does your Doctor not insist you go on the quickest way to lose weight, before you develop heart disease?” I just hated how others could freely go about their lives wearing whatever they felt liked. They thought I was too lazy to attempt to shed some pounds.

I couldn’t even stand drawing attention to myself. I hunched over as a habit. I wore sweaters even if it was a hot day. I often told friends that anybody could swim without clothes on… I swim with mine on. When challenged to prove it, I always had an ear infection and said I only manage a few strokes before being dragged back in again by a pec-busting lifeguard.

I saw the light..And became lighter “Thomas Edison said”Never Give Up on Failure…It is the lowest form of success”.His bulbs would not light…my man boobs would not become lighter. He never gave up, so neither would I give up on a search for the quickest way to lose weight for good..My man boobs hadn’t disappeared when I got older…. Was I reading too many girlie magazines,whist the other guys were dating. Picking up a mag in My Doc’s going for my yearly “God there getting bigger examination”, I read that nearly all man boob cases are caused by non-genetic factors. This fact alone, gave me the push to do some more digging… if male boobs just disappeared in most guys like my doctor had said, I was sure something could be done for me… after all most boobs in girls just appear gradually…they do not wake up one day with a pair of 38 DD’s.

Taking unbiased advice from non-commercial weight loss experts and endocrinologists (these guys specialise in hormones in the body) and scoured the libraries and studies on guys with man boobs. People all recommended different things and I came to realise who really practised what they preached and who didn’t.I found out that losing man boobs is all about balancing hormones, not just weight loss, like everyone was preaching to me at the time. You see, there are some other important hormones actually peak when you hit your twenties. Then, by some freak chance… I accidentally stumbled upon exactly what I needed to make all the pieces of the puzzle come together… the quickest way to lose weight and man boobs in 30 days or less..without surgery.

You can read all about it here…. Please send others to this site.

Kindest Regards,

Brian (Boob Louden)

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